Tuesday, 17 May 2016

 Lots of flowers on the currants, if all goes well, there should be lots of fruit this year

 Even fruits on the two of the jostaberries, this their second summer.

All the apple trees have blossom even the two (one of which is on the right of the photo) which didn't flower last year.

The two pear trees which are supposed to be good pollinating partners have decided to flower at different times, so it is doubtful whether either will fruit.

On the other hand the dry spring has slowed growth of the beans and sweet peas..

I took a chance on planting out the runner beans, but I'm keeping the french beans in at night for a little bit longer.

Lots of the leeks have gone to seed with the dry weather, so I dug them out to use straight away and discovered quite a few "volunteer" potatoes coming up underneath.  If they are Vivaldi, that will be good, they were really nice spuds.  If they are Swift, I can't remember what they are like since very few of them produced anything last year.

Hope it rains soon, the ground is very hard for planting things out.

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  1. It does look like it might be a good year again for soft fruit, doesn't it? Love your photos Ann!