Sunday, 15 May 2016

Still a cold wind, but quite sunny. A high of 14C today and down to 4C last night.

Lots of flowers on the currant bushes, time to assemble the fruit cage.

Easier said than done.  When I disassembled it last autumn I must have been confident that I didn't need any re-assembly instructions, seeing as how I made the cage up myself and had laboriously worked out what and how many parts were needed.
Beware trusting a memory full of 71 years of clutter.

However, with some head scratching I eventually managed to order the right bits in the right places, only to discover that 5 of the connectors were broken.  How did that happen? Did some nefarious person creep into the shed, burrow under the bench without disturbing anything, and villainously snap just some of the connectors? It's a mystery.

So, tout suite, onto Harrod Horticultural for some new connectors at the ruinous price of £12.95 inc postage. Although how it costs a fiver to send 8 plastic connectors through the post, beats me.

A beneficial side-effect of all this is a tidier shed.

After the abortive attempt on the fruit cage, it was a relief to turn to humbler tasks, i.e. weeding and spreading the rest of the pony manure on the proposed courgette/cucumber bed.

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