Saturday, 18 June 2016

The sun came out! It shone all afternoon, I could almost believe it was summer after all.

Bought a couple of packs of hay at Wilko's and strawed the strawberries..

They aren't looking that clever, very few new leaves, fruit a bit misshapen (could be faulty pollination due to the cold spring), but there were 5 big ripe berries that hadn't been damaged by slugs/snails.

The cucumbers aren't looking happy either, one has died of unknown cause (probably neck rot) and the rest are looking droopy and haven't grown since I planted them about three weeks ago.

 The grass is waist high at the sides of the beds so I took the strimmer down this afternoon and gave it a going over.

For all the cold and damp of the last few days/weeks, the soil is still quite dry underneath.

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