Friday, 10 June 2016

The weather has turned a bit nippy again.  Still no rain, everywhere across the uk is getting it except the north-east coast.

 The french beans look as if they might recover, the new leaves look quite green and healthy, it is just the old leaves which have gone yellow.  Lets see if they can survive through this latest cold weather.

I was raking the big lumps of soil, well, attempting to as they are like rocks at the mo.. when a little head popped out of a crack...

So I went and did something else for a while.

The foxgloves have come into their own at last..

...It seems a shame to cut them now even though I did intend them as cut flowers.

They said the Early latah tomatoes were a bit straggly and they were dead right there, but not particularly early, the nimbus at home in the greenhouse has big fruits on already where this has only got flowers so far...

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