Saturday, 30 July 2016

Pretty much picked all the broad beans, just a few baby ones left to grow a bit.  The bag of beans was so heavy I had to get the pram to carry them home.

Dug up some potatoes.  One plant had wilted and gone brown so I dug that one first and the potatoes underneath were revolting, slimy and rotting.  Don't know what that is, blight maybe?  Seems to be the only plant affected, the potatoes on either side were lovely. (there was more than one!)

Four marrows on the plant so I nipped off the other ones so it could concentrate on those four. (three now!)

After giving up on the cucumber plants, one plant has a cucumber on, small and prickly as yet, but with potential.

Picked the first runner beans, all three of them.  No sign of any french beans yet, no I found a tiny one...

The sweetcorn have their tassels on the top and are looking lovely and healthy.

The two of the courgette plants are producing nicely I have had half a dozen so far.

What am I going to do this evening in front of the telly?  You guessed it....shelling broad beans.

Sowed buckwheat into the bed where the winter onions were.


nigella seed heads


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