Friday, 8 July 2016

The weather has warmed up a bit at last, still not very much sun, but at least it isn't so cold.

The strawberries are really starting to crop, four more punnets in as many days.

The flowery corner is showing a fine crop of nigella

The surviving cucumbers haven't grown since I planted them a few weeks ago, so I'm not depending on these plants for my supply of summer salad materials.

The winter onions have given a good crop and so far only only one with white rot.

I decided to pull the garlic as the leaves were covered with rust.  Last year I was fighting the rust from early in the year but this year because of the cold spring and early summer it only took hold a couple of weeks ago. Mostly decent sized bulbs for all that.

I have been very remiss...this is the first plotplan for 2016!

The plant scheme crew "working" in the greenhouse.

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  1. I like the idea of a plot plan. I tried one this year and it sort of half worked. It looked like I had more space on paper than I do in reality ! Marion x