Monday, 22 August 2016

We are pickling...

An overabundance of beetroot results in beetroot and orange chutney

I decided to take down some of the early tomato plants in the home greenhouse.  They were looking very sorry for themselves and only had a few fruits left.

The result.. mixed green and red tomato chutney.

It is a Nigel Slater recipe I have used before and well worth doing again.

While the early tomatoes are fading, the marmande are looking plumptious..

But they only have fruits on the lowest two trusses,

Perhaps, being beefier plants they need more root space than a 10 inch pot allows.

  • I could try them in recycling boxes next year, but that uses so much compost the cost per tomato becomes ridiculous.  
  • Or another option could be to have more pots and nip each plant out at two trusses. That, come to think of it, could be the best option, because being  plants that  develop later, by the time the top 3rd and 4th trusses have filled and ripened the summer is just about over. The only down side of that is that they would have to be in the greenhouse as they didn't do at all well in the blowaway outside and I don't have a lot of horizontal space inside.
The bush tomato Early Latah is still producing its strange composite fruits and the flavour is very good.  But the plants are very sprawly and untidy and bring on an attack of OCD if I think about it too hard. The Nimbus are definitely a no for next year, the fruits look very pretty and they are quite thin skinned, but they are tasteless and prone to splitting and blossom end rot. So the side shoots I have been nurturing are binned forthwith.
I might take some marmande side shoots and see if they start fruiting earlier in the season.

And a last look at the marrows...

Definite candidates for the allotment show.

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