Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The last of the sweetcorn was harvested this afternoon

There were a couple of nice fat cobs but the rest were small and patchy,  I will scrape the kernels off the cob and freeze them loose. The tillers produced small thin cobs which looked as if they were not pollinated.  I might take them off in future to concentrate the plant's efforts into making proper cobs.

Planted some horseradish roots (thank you Beverley) ...

...and 10 saffron crocus bulbs.  The crocuses might yield a teaspoonful of saffron next autumn.  I am informed that it needs to be harvested at sunrise with tweezers....I'll look forward to that.

Bought some more onion sets to fill up the empty modules in the tray. Red ones, not sure of the variety.

Monday, 19 September 2016

It would have looked even better if we had thought of doing this before I cut half the hedge down.

We discovered a fence-post and trellis we didn't know was there and suddenly realised that we had cut into the next door neighbours part of the hedge...oops! I am going to have to grovel a bit.

Planted the onion sets (Radar) bought in the Grainger Market, into modules to give them a start before the winter.  I will keep them in the shed until they get some roots going.

The chrysanthemum plug plants planted in the spring have flowered nicely, this is just one stem. I even won first in its class at the allotment show with them, although I have to admit that it was the only entry in its class.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Another lovely day, this summer is making up for the late start it made, September and still no-coat weather.

Bingo wings still tender...arms akimbo is a no no!

However, as I have time-limited access to it, the trimmer of power was calling to me so the spirea hedge in between mine and Sue's plot got a good seeing to.

Pat did more work on the hedge art and it is looking good, but sadly I forgot to take photos.  It will have to wait till Monday now as I am off to Harrogate Autumn Flower Show tomorrow.  Lets hope the bus turns up this time. (Long story..)

Weeded and picked lots of purple queen french beans.  Also four cucumbers and that's just from one plant, after a summer long sulk the plant has suddenly started to produce female flowers.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Arms aching tonight as my puny muscles feel the hedge trimming I have done this afternoon.
Borrowed a cordless hedge trimmer from son Paul and wow! what a blast!  Wielding the sword of power like a rather slow Jedi knight! It really does the job magnificently, well, it would if the wielder had more stamina.
Assisting the work and adding to the strain on my biceps was a bow saw, a pruning saw, loppers and some secateurs. All essential equipment to take a leylandii hedge from 10 feet high to 4 feet.
There are a couple of really thick stems in the middle which  have morphed into a lollipop art project.  Pictures to follow, but I wish I had thought to take some "before" pictures. Not sure what the committee will make of it.
Luckily a friend and useful gardener came to the aid of my muscles, and she is the arty one, so I will blame her if any questions are asked.

Forgot to mention that I saw a Jay this morning.  The other day I saw a strange bird as big as the parakeets and making a harsh rasping call but couldn't see it against the sky.  But I saw it proper today, crest and all.  That's a first for me!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Best ever year for sweetcorn, they are so sweet...

I won by default as the only chrysanthemum entry..

Beat stiff competition for the jelly first ...

After all the hype, the marrow was beaten by a big yellow pumpkin.

All in all...3 first prizes, 2 seconds and 2 thirds.

But what really counts is that it was a good day, no rain, no wind, no sun either but that wasn't important.  Everything went to plan, the show committee did well.  One crisis averted when a visiting large dog almost got to lick the beautiful raffle prize cake...
 The book, jam, and plant stalls made a bit of money and with any luck the show might have broken even on expences.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Getting ready for the show tomorrow...

I can't decide which marrow...the short fat one or the long thin one....hum..

 As ready as we'll ever be.  Just some french beans to select and some flowers to pick tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The marrows have a severe case of mildew on the leaves so I have trimmed them off exposing them in their full glory...

Any Other we come!