Sunday, 30 October 2016

Four barrow loads of manure on the asparagus bed.  I wouldn't normally have the stamina for four trips, but there is a lot of straw in this batch of horse manure which makes it a lot lighter.  It doesn't matter too much that it is not well rotted as it will sit on the bed over winter and lighten the soil for next spring (I hope).

Sowed some sweet clover green manure in an empty bed.

Weeded the courgette bed of perennials, but left the annuals and the remnants of courgette plants. They will die back over winter.

Dug out the sweet corn stalks ready for the end of the bonfire ban next week.

Picked a few pounds of apples from the old tree, they are nice tasting this year, though small.  They always taste better straight off the tree.  I have been stripping off any apple that was blemished as the season has gone on and it has paid off,  now they are ripe, there are only a few with the crusty cracked skins.  I'll have to try and get them a bit bigger next year.

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