Monday, 3 October 2016

Not been to the plot so often lately, the weather has turned a bit chilly and there is just weeding mostly which is a bit boring in the cold.

However, I have been watering the onion sets in the modules and most of them are sprouting away nicely, as usual it is the red ones that are being awkward and going mouldy instead of rooting.

Imagine my surprise when another 50 onion sets (Radar) arrived in the post.  That's the trouble with ordering weeks ahead of planting time by the time it arrives I have forgotten what I ordered. I knew I had sent for new garlic because although I've planted my own garlic for the last few years, they seemed to be getting smaller so I decided it was time to buy new (Provence Wight). Also some winter shallots (Jermor) They look nice and healthy, not a soggy one among them, got from DT Brown

I took advantage of a fine afternoon and planted all the leek seedlings and the onions sets out, all except the red ones which have been left in the modules for a bit longer.  The garlic can wait for a week or two before they need to go in.

I would post a plotplan but Windows has been at it again and changed the rules on me.  No more until I figure out what is going on.

Got there in the end, what's that all about?!

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