Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dug up the Brussells sprouts and I will freeze the sprouts.  I want the bed for the next crop.... parsnips, I think.... I will have to swot up on what is best to follow brassica. Time to consult my ancient Dig for Victory leaflet.

I was going to turn the bed over but after the rain in the last few days, everything is very claggy, so I only gave it a quick fork over.

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  1. Too cold and wet to do any gardening here in Sussex. Your Sprouts look lovely. I have never tried growing them. I don't know what to try growing this year except for Runner Beans. My tomatoes got blight so I don't think I will be growing them again this year. I must start chitting potatoes. They did well last year. The Daffodils show that Spring is on it's way...yippee !