Monday, 13 March 2017

Even the cleome seeds have decided to make a push, the second sowing and,
surprisingly, the first ones which I thought were gonners.

Just shows, you can't rush these things, however keen you are.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

 The leek seeds decided to come up after all.  I had just about given up on them since they were sown 5 weeks ago.  I think I must have buried them too deep.

Sadly, I think I have fried the few sweet peas that managed to germinate.  They were in the plastic greenhouse inside the greenhouse and this morning the temperature was in the 40s when I opened it up.  A reminder to check the plants earlier in the day, it only takes a sunny hour first thing in the morning to heat everything up.
I have now re-installed the automatic window opener.  Signs of spring!

Oh well...back to the drawing board...

Down to the plot later to do some weeding and to hopefully burn the ivy that was pulled off the hydrangeas the other day.  It has rained a lot since, so I do wish I had put the bags in the garage to keep dry, but no, laziness struck me.
However, it's amazing what you can do with firelighters and copious quantities of paraffin.

I noticed when weeding around the winter onions that the sets that were started inside in modules, have over-wintered better and look much sturdier than the ones that were planted straight out.  It looks like it might be a good plan for future years.  Of course that is at this stage in early spring, it could be that it will make no difference in the long run.  It will be interesting to see whether it does.

The ones at the far end are the sets started in modules.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Lady Eleanor can see the world once more.  Thank you Pat.

A lovely spring day today, did some weeding of the strawberry beds.  Lots of willow herb and hairy bittercress and of course the usual dandelion and buttercups.  Finished off by scattering chicken pellets around each plant.  Only one loss over winter.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sowed some more wizard beans.  This time in modules, seeing as how not a single bean came up from the ones direct sown a month back.  I had a feeling it was either too early for spring or too late for autumn but was desperate to sow something.
I haven't got them at home on the windowsill as it is getting a bit crowded already, they are in the shed at the allotment.  We'll see how that works.

Lady Eleanor is in distress at the moment.  Her hat is not standing up too well to the winter winds.  I have tried to help but it needs the hand of her creator.
I had to use the zoom as I couldn't get near today, without plodging.  There has been a lot of rain.

Friday, 3 March 2017

The ground is drying up a bit, working it is still pretty heavy going, but I took a chance and sowed some parsnip seeds and half a row of mangetout. It is still quite cold so I have covered them with a cloche. Mmm, not very straight rows , I see now. Still, I don't suppose it makes any difference to plant health.

half row of mangetout, row of parsnip
I took time to do a progress report on the plot's fruit bushes...

pear tree
lots more buds on the pear trees than on the apple trees.

 Lots and lots on the blackcurrants...


...and quite a few on the jostaberries.  They are ahead of the gooseberries and the red and white currant bushes.

The raspberry canes given to me by a friend are still looking pretty stick-like.

raspberry canes
I hope they won't turn out like yesterday's tayberry!

A look at the other over-wintering crops...
 ...the shallots

... the garlic

...the onions, looking a bit bedraggled but persisting...

..these are last years leeks which I left very late to sow.
In theory, I should be cropping these now, but they aren't even as big as spring onions yet.
 I will leave them and see how they develop.

I might need them, as the seeds I sowed at the beginning of February for this year, haven't shown at all.
The other seed sown at the same time; sweet peas, brussells, celeriac, tomatoes have all germinated.  The cleome seeds were a no-show except for one solitary stem which popped up and promptly fell over when I took the lid off.



Thursday, 2 March 2017

Some time ago I planted a tayberry that I had bought from the pound shop.

As this was about 18 months ago and there is no green showing, I suspect that it may not have flourished...

Sadly, it is no surprise to pull out....a stick!

I have given up on the wizard beans for the moment, nothing has appeared so it must have been too soon for spring planting...or too late for autumn planting.  I will try again in a few weeks.

March now and the seed sowing season begins in earnest.