Friday, 3 March 2017

The ground is drying up a bit, working it is still pretty heavy going, but I took a chance and sowed some parsnip seeds and half a row of mangetout. It is still quite cold so I have covered them with a cloche. Mmm, not very straight rows , I see now. Still, I don't suppose it makes any difference to plant health.

half row of mangetout, row of parsnip
I took time to do a progress report on the plot's fruit bushes...

pear tree
lots more buds on the pear trees than on the apple trees.

 Lots and lots on the blackcurrants...


...and quite a few on the jostaberries.  They are ahead of the gooseberries and the red and white currant bushes.

The raspberry canes given to me by a friend are still looking pretty stick-like.

raspberry canes
I hope they won't turn out like yesterday's tayberry!

A look at the other over-wintering crops...
 ...the shallots

... the garlic

...the onions, looking a bit bedraggled but persisting...

..these are last years leeks which I left very late to sow.
In theory, I should be cropping these now, but they aren't even as big as spring onions yet.
 I will leave them and see how they develop.

I might need them, as the seeds I sowed at the beginning of February for this year, haven't shown at all.
The other seed sown at the same time; sweet peas, brussells, celeriac, tomatoes have all germinated.  The cleome seeds were a no-show except for one solitary stem which popped up and promptly fell over when I took the lid off.



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