Monday, 10 April 2017

I gave the alliums a watering of ammonium sulphate solution because they were looking a bit yellow after the vicissitudes of the winter.  That is pretty much everything in the plot as there isn't much else at the moment.
The Brussels sprouts seedlings have come on well which is a surprise, as my previous attempts at growing any of the brassicas usually fail after the initial germination.  I planted them out among the garlic, the thinking behind this is that the garlic will be harvested by June-ish leaving plenty of space for the developing sprouts.
I hope...

I will have to get going on the seed sowing for the summer.  I've been given some purple sweet corn seed from Thailand, so I am interested in what they will turn out like.
The french beans I am planning on growing are Blue Lake and I am not sure whether I am going to bother with runners this year as the french beans are so nice. Although the runners are much more reliable than the french beans so I might put a few in.
And I am going to give Crown Prince pumpkin another go...last chance.

First harvest of the year...stewed rhubarb and ice cream with a meringue broken on top for pud today...mmm! To pot with the diet!


  1. You are lucky to have Rhubarb. Ours hasn't woken up yet or maybe it hasn't survived the winter ! It is still very cold at night here in Sussex. I am sowing everything in pots in the Greenhouse at the moment. Our Radish came up within a few days which is hopeful. Our Runner Beans are in pots in the Cold Frame. I am trying Firestorm and Snowstorm this year. I envy you having an Allotment Anne !

  2. Ours has come up strongly both at the plot and in our back garden. Perhaps we have a hardier variety in the north-east. Its around about 5C at night here, so not warm here either but it has been dry so maybe that might be the difference. Haven't tried firestorm or snowstorm, too many varieties to try and not enough seasons to try them in!