Tuesday, 4 April 2017

It's amazing what the difference of a few days of above 10C , makes to the garden.  Everything is looking stronger (weeds also, unfortunately, but that's gardening for you)

The onion family is looking slim, but perky


winter onions

The winter onions have struggled through with some losses, but the survivors have potential.

The late planted leeks from last year are filling out and might work for this year.

The row of broad beans sown in February.  Five survivors.  These are about the same size as the ones sown in seed trays (and kept in the shed) a couple of weeks ago.

New pear tree

Old pear tree
A regular reader (there is probably only one) of my little diary will remember me buying a second pear tree to provide a pollen-mate for the first one.  Last year the old tree's blossom was over by the time the new one had blossomed.  This year it looks as if the timings might be reversed. The new tree's flowers are wide open while the old tree flowers are still closed buds. There is probably only a day or two in it, maybe another sunny day might bring them together.

Planted the potatoes in bags and boxes this year to see if it works better than in the ground.

Certainly easier than all that digging trenches and earthing up.  Did I say I wasn't going to do potatoes this year?  I think I must say that every year, but I found a few leftover potatoes from last year, chitting all unasked by me, in the garage, so I thought "waste not, want not".

I came across the little soldier lounging in the sun under an apple tree, on a soft bed of dried leaves. Shame the orange peel spoils the idyllic scene. Just hope there are no enemies lurking in the shrubbery..he's just not battle-ready.

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