Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Turned out to be a lovely afternoon after a grey cold morning. So I went to the plot to water everything and to plant out the sweet peas and some of the cleome plants.

There is something wrong with the blackcurrant bush...  Or half of it I should say...

The good half of the bush on the left, the neighbouring whitecurrant on the right.  In the middle? I don't know what is the matter.  Some new leaves and buds looking withered.  I can't tell whether it is recovering or whether it is dying.  I cut off one totally dead branch but I will wait  and see whether this side is coming or going before more surgery.

Planted out the sweet peas, but I spent so much time talking to various passers-by that there was no time for the cleome.  Hopefully there might have been some rain by tomorrow, the soil is baked hard.

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