Friday, 30 June 2017

Paddled again, boots and trousers soaked.  All the long weeds which I should have kept on top of are sopping and drape around the legs as I push through.  As soon as it dries a bit I will get the shears and strimmer at them.

Some things are looking good despite (or because of) the rain.

The remaining blackcurrant stems after my surgery on the bush, have super big berries, as if it is making up for the lack of stems.

The red and white currants were unaffected by whatever the blackcurrant had and are ripening nicely.

I didn't net the gooseberries this year and the pigeons have had nearly all the red ones.

The first baby courgette...

Some broad beans looking good..

other stems blackened, I think that might be black fly damage.

The sweet peas need picking but it is too wet to linger.  Besides, the flowers never seem to last long when picked in the wet.

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