Saturday, 3 June 2017

The garden is still very dry.  This seems to be the pattern for the last few years.  There was a little rain here and there, but not enough to make very much difference.

So I got fed up waiting for rain to soften the ground and have planted out my courgettes and crown prince squash regardless.

The garlic has grown flower heads this year and I hear tell that the "scapes" are good to eat.  So I have cut them off and will give them a go for my dinner tonight.

Not sure how to cook them but I can't go wrong if I sautee them in butter.

The leeks that I planted too late last year are reaching a decent size but because it is their second year they have all thrown up flower spikes, so I have started to use them even though they aren't very big.

So far quite a lot of them, when I have dug them up have had baby leeks attached at the root.  They are about the size that leeks should be at this time so I have detached them as carefully as I can and replanted them.  Nothing lost if they don't survive.

Summary of the planting so far:

  • shallots, almost ready to harvest
  • peas, sprouting
  • turnip, beetroot and florence fennel seeds sown yesterday
  • sweet corn planted out
  • runner and french climbing beans planted out
  • broad bean tied in and supported although they are still small
  • sweet peas and cleome planted out
  • winter onions either going mouldy or maturing nicely
  • strawberries looking plentiful but still green
  • leeks and garlic as above mentioned
  • brussells' sprouts growing well between the garlic.
  • celeriac growing in among the leeks, I put them in the shade of the hedge because they like to be damp.
  • asparagus finished, two plants didn't show this year, so far anyway.
  • currant bushes looking well except for one side of the blackcurrants.
  • apples and pears all have fruit but are needing water.
  • potatoes are filling their boxes and bags up.

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