Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The temperature is dropping, it was 10C this morning at 9.30am. Time for the tomato plants to go...took off the last few fruits.  I'll think of something to do with them, don't know what yet, no more chutney though, I know that much.

I took off some sideshoots of the marmande and poked them into a pot to overwinter on the kitchen widowsill.

It was worth doing this year, there were fruit on earlier than usual with the Marmande, and from the very bottom of the stems to the tops.  Quite often the fruit trusses don't grow until the plant is quite tall so the bottom foot or two of stem is unproductive space.

I don't think I need to keep shoots of the Shirley or Garden Pearl as they both flowered early anyway.

I haven't taken the outside tomatoes down yet, it is a bit too cold and wet at the moment, but they won't be long.

There is no sign of the Jalapeno peppers turning red so I 'll keep them for a while.  If I can find some space I will bring them into the house when it turns cold.  It did well this year if a little leggy. Just wish I actually liked chillis.

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